A Celebration of Life!

Wecome, Reader! Thank you for joining me today. Over the years, the population of Lancaster County grew, and the number of babies delivered increased by 65 percent, from about 2,600 a year to more than 4,000. Our NICU had to expand too: we were now helping more than 350 sick babies per year, and needed … Continue reading A Celebration of Life!

Nautilus Book Award!

Dear Friends,  I’m delighted to share some very good news with you:  My Garden of Flowers has won a Silver Award in the Health, Healing, Wellness & Vitality category of the prestigious Nautilus Book Awards. The core mission of the Nautilus Awards is to celebrate and honor books that transcend barriers of culture, gender, race, … Continue reading Nautilus Book Award!

Our NICU Family.

Welcome to My Garden of Flowers, and thank you for visiting. The NICU bunch was always ready for a celebration, whether it was Easter, Mother's Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Our nurses would even make little gifts for the parents, with infant footprints and comforting messages. Every few years we held a … Continue reading Our NICU Family.

“The Divine Art of Healing”

Welcome to My Garden of Flowers, and thank you for visiting. The ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras said, "The most divine art is that of healing. And, if the healing art is the most divine, it must occupy itself with the soul as well as the body, for no creature can be sound as … Continue reading “The Divine Art of Healing”


Various community support events were held such as public educative conferences, birth fairs, and student awareness. I remember a public rhetoric at a church addressing the “Mothers of Twins Club” regarding problems of multiple gestation and support systems. High school students were welcomed from area schools seeing the problems of teenage pregnancy and drug issues … Continue reading Community!

Serving the Community

Welcome to My Garden of Flowers, and thank you for visiting. Over the years, the Lancaster General NICU has cared for babies of every category: babies from single mothers, babies born to mothers who didn't know they were pregnant, and babies with a variety of life-threatening conditions. Every infant could be a challenge-- from one … Continue reading Serving the Community


Welcome to My Garden of Flowers, and thank you for visiting. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a parent whose newborn baby has been admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and you’re probably confused and frightened at suddenly finding yourself in this position. It’s my intention to provide information and share stories … Continue reading Introduction